A New Thanksgiving Reality


As I begin to think about packing for our thanksgiving trip to see my parents, I’m looking at the books and games we’re bringing and I am unsure. What’s this thanksgiving going to be like anyway? For the first time in as long as I can remember, thanksgiving won’t be celebrated at my aunt’s house in Pittsburgh.

The reasons for the change are unimportant, but it makes me think about the significance of time and space in interpersonal relationships.

I know that thanksgiving will be wonderful at my parents house, but there was something about pulling up the hill in the crisp cool weather that evoked a wonderful nostalgia. Sitting in the livingroom with no plans for the rest of the day was a rite and tradition as strong and meaningful as turkey and football.

Change is good and necessary. Those who live to recreate the past never really live. Our purpose as humans is to infuse life with meaning, and sometimes that means making significant changes to what has happened before.

New traditions and nostalgiac feelings will develop around this new thanksgiving tradition. The positive memories of the past will never disappear, but be enhanced by their connection to the present and future.

What will this thansgiving be like? It will be different.


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