Unhealthy Skepticism


I believe very strongly that beliefs should be challenged. When a society becomes too entrenched in it’s beliefs, and any critical thought is considered taboo, only bad things can happen.

But I think there’s a line.

It is equally as dangerous for people to dismiss facts being presented to them because they don’t conform with their way of thinking. When people dismiss something as propoganda when the real problem is that it’s someone else’s propoganda instead of their own.

Must I hear the word communist everytime someone talks about healthcare reform or social services? Do statistics and facts go out the window because they’re deemed to ideologically conflicting?

When discussion stops, and people become set in their beliefs, we arrive at a National standoff.

There are real people suffering from this real issue of poverty and the major #healthcareFAIL facing this country. We must push simultaneously for more open and lively debate of issues, and strong decisive action to follow through.


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