The Beginning of the End for the Jewish State?


The longer Israel refuses to pursue a Two State Solution with the Palestinians, the greater the likelihood that the world begins demanding a One State Solution. A single state for Jews and non-Jews will be a state without a Jewish majority.

The New York Times published an Op-Ed last week titled “The Two State Solution Doesn’t Solve Anything.” The authors of the article argue that the Jews are eternally focused on having a Jewish State, and that the Palestinians are forever thinking like refugees. In their opinion, “the heart of the matter is not necessarily how to define a state of Palestine. It is, as in a sense it always has been, how to define the state of Israel.”

I’ve been telling people for two years that we need to take a pragmatic approach to the Israeli/Palestinian impasse we find ourselves in. I personally feel that the Palestinians deserve to have a sovereign state in the West Bank and Gaza, but that belief of mine is not really relevant.

People who are against the two-state-solution never seem to stop and think about the alternatives. The status quo cannot last forever. We cannot have an apartheid state with Palestinians playing the role of 2nd class citizens. We can’t kick the Palestinians out of Israel because there is practically nowhere for them to do.

The alternative to creating a Palestinian State is giving full Israeli citizenship to all of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza (and maybe those in the diaspora as well). I believe that the Jewish people have a right to country where we can express our culture and heritage, so long as it isn’t infringing on other people’s similar rights.

We can either demand a two state solution, or resign ourselves to the end of the Zionist dream for a Jewish homeland.


5 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End for the Jewish State?

  1. Not sure what is stopping a Palestinian State. They have Gaza, they have West Bank. Who in the world would object to such a declaration? (Yes I know, 49-51% of Israel and America)

    AHH you say they dont have industry, they cannot survive without Israel- even in Gaza when some industry was handed over to them they destroyed it. So who needs Israel, yes that is right the Palestinian worker.

    So who here is afraid of success? The leadership!! How much did Arafat and now Abbas have to lose by declaring a state? They want to keep on fighting even if they already won.

    Pretty sad to watch, what a waste.

  2. beyondtheborder

    Have you guys ever tried to put yourselves in a Palestinian man’s shoe? Have you ever sat down and thought, ‘maybe they have a side to the story that i dont know’. Did you ever take a book, a story, about a Palestinian, and read it?

    Just curious…

  3. chaim

    while you are safe and sound living it up in the heights some of us are risking our lives every day living in Israel. before you go off and support giving away land that you yourself do not live in, think about what right you really have to make decisions about the land, when you choose not to live there yourself. if you want to see a two state solution, move to Israel and stop pontificating from the (relative) safety of Washington heights.

  4. Aaron


    Israeli is the Jewish homeland, but it’s not the home of every Jew. It’s a very confusing situation for a people and its land.

    American Jews have and do contribute greatly to the Land of Israel and the people of Israel. Israel gives back to American Jews in numerous ways as well. The relationship between American Jews and Israel is a two way street.

    Because I and many other American Jews have a vested interest in the state of Israel, I think I do have the right to express my opinions about issues including a two-state solution (and I wonder you’re upset that I’m expressing an opinion, or upset that I’m expressing the wrong opinion).

    What I don’t have the right to do, and don’t plan on doing, is making “decisions about the land. That is the responsibility, and the right, of the citizens of Israel. Not everyone between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean has that right to vote, but those who do have an obligation to do what’s right.

    I love Israel. I would love to live in Israel. It’s not in spite of those two things, but BECAUSE OF those two things that I think it is so critical for there to be a two-state solution as soon as is responsibly possible.


  5. chaim

    I am upset at people who support decisions they feel is right for the citizens of the State of Israel that require no sacrifice at all on their end. Pray tell what would you have to sacrifice for a two state solution, I would lose my home, my community, and everything I have worked for my entire life.

    You have the right to express your opinion in any way you want, but I have trouble giving it any weight when for you it is all a nice theoretical game that will assuage your liberal guilt, while for me it is a life or death decision. Don’t pretend that the second we go back to ’67 borders peace will come. I will be the one who will have to suffer through the bombardment of my home from the Katyushas coming from the West Bank, you will just get to read about it in the newspaper.

    How magnanimous it would be for us to just give the Palestinians half our country, and how easy it is to support that when it requires nothing on your part.

    Obviously Diaspora-Israel relations are a two way street, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that Israel will decide anything based on what American Jewry feels from the comfort of their armchairs.

    As a religious Jew don’t delude yourself into thinking the world you have built for yourself in America is an ideal world. To say that an ideal Jewish life can be built outside the Land of Israel is to misunderstand the very essence of Judaism itself. No one can force you to come, and not everyone is at the point in their life where they can, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that your current life is in any way close to the ideal.

    Come to Israel when you are ready and I will be glad to hear your opinions with an open mind from your high rise in Tel Aviv, well that is until we are pushed into the sea by the Palestinian Army you created.

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