3 thoughts on “1/14/09

  1. Are You Serious

    Can’t believe you actually believe in Land For Peace, especially after what happened in Gaza.

    Why should Jews living in their own homes be told to leave?

    If this were anywhere else in the world, people would consider them the victims.

    Life is not always easy, happy and perfect. People that change the world do it through their convictions.

    The settlers are Jews living in their land: they are heros. People like you are simply cowards.

  2. Aaron

    I’m happy you chose to comment on my post, but I find it funny that you call me a coward while you post your comment anonymously.

    I think you’re right that the world is changed through conviction, and that life is not always easy, happy or perfect. Sometimes people have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

    What happened to the 8,000 Jews living among well over 1 million Palestinians in Gaza was very difficult and traumatizing for them. I can’t imagine being told that I should leave my home in exchange for peace, and I wouldn’t hold anything against any of those people for being bitter or resentful.

    But in the end of the day, it was a sacrifice made sense for the betterment of the Jewish people overall. It’s not a simple process to try to achieve peace, and it won’t be without its setbacks. It’s the alternative, however, that is truly dangerous. Maintaining the status quo of terror attacks, human rights abuses, misunderstanding and hatred is not something worth protecting.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Are You Serious

    The flaw in the land for peace argument is exactly that: a failure to understand alternatives.

    The settlements contribute directly to the security of Israel’s borders. The status quo is to slowly erase Israel from the map and they are the ones that ensure Israel’s existance. It’s just that simple. The most vital security that a country needs to exist is the security of her borders, and these settlers provide that.

    Witness what has happened in the aftermath of the Gaza pullout. Do you think Israel is safer? Do you think the IDF is any less in harms way? We had to go into the Gaza and clean the place up, door by door on foot. This danger is precisely what settlements prevent, and that is precisely why they are necessary on a utilitarian level.

    But their existance is deeper. These brave people are the only Jews with the courage to stake our claim to the Land Of Israel. Every grain of sand and every blade of grass is to be treasured. Moshe Rabeinu plead for the gift that we all take for granted. It is our duty to stake our claim.

    And this is not to say that the Land is worth more than human life. It is to say that there are certain things in life that are worth the sacrifice of peace and serenity. There are certain causes and certain ideologies that require a commitment, even if it means great sacrifice. If living there meant certain death, I’d think differently. But if it means a harder life that requires more resources to protect, well then that is a different question. That is a question of principles and priorities, and I think that they are a priority.

    Do not forget. Much blood has been spilled for Jerusalem as well as Efrat. And if we continue to give back land, Jerusalem will become a “settlement” as well.

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